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My name is Tyra Taki / Pornbabe Tyra / Mistress Tyra, but you can call me Tyra. I was born in 1985 and come from Berlin city. I grew up in the german capital and started working as a dancer and model when I was 18. Back then I already loved the lustful glances of men. When on stage presenting my shows, I imagined the fantasies that formed in their heads once I undressed and seduced them with my looks. More and more I had the desire to present myself erotically and then 2008 started to live out my fantasies in front of the webcam. The feeling of being sexually free and living out once fantasies freely, brought myself to film amateur pornos. For years now I could present my sex life to all those that love eroticism as well.



Nowadays I'm also known as the "Goddess of Dirty Talk". The love to verbal eroticism, the dedication and striving for the perfect theatre of the mind experience/inner cinema gave me that title. Here on my private webpage you can find countless of my amateur pornos and pictures. My videos are filmed with a lot of dedication, passion, fun and love. In those I include all of my fantasies and sexual desires, be it dominant, fetish, tenderly or simply dirty and filthy. Maybe you've already seen one porno or another of me and know, that dirty talk is my highest priority. In my opinion the perfect theatre of the mind experience created by dirty talk, will bring the sexiest climax when watching amateur porn.


The plethora of erotic fantasies is endlessly large, therefore I'm always incentivized to learn, try and live out new things. Naturally I will always turn on my camera to share my experiences with you.

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