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Pair of nylon (skin color)

29,90 EUR

plus 8,80 EUR shipping charge Germany There will be extra transport cost of 15,00 EUR for shipping outside of Germany.

This pair of nylon stockings in skin color is a unique item from me. On purchase you will receive this pair of nylon stockings. Due to wearing them there are ladders.
Size of the nylons is  Den 20.
By request I can film the wearing or refinement of the nylon stockings, which you can then purchase at Pornbabe Tyra Videos.
Or you choose that the wearing and / or refinement in a video will only be for you. Then you can additionally purchase a Personalized Video from me. The additionally purchased Personalized Video and the nylon stockings will be sent to you simultaneously.
Sent me a "Private Message" after ordering containing the time you want me to wear the nylon stockings.
Delivery time: 5-7 days (after the wearing time)
The nylon stockings will of course be sent air-tight and neutrally packed.

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User comments on the product

freudeschenken001 wrote 5 Monate ago:


Die Nylons bringen alle Sinne auf Höchstleistung , und lassen die Energie vom

Urknall gering erscheinen. Hinzu kommt noch das schauspielerische Talent.

Weiter so !!!

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