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Skype Camdate 20 minutes

100,00 EUR

No shipping charge

You are unavailable during my livecam schedule?
No problem! You can simply book an individual Livecamchat appointment with me here.
This is a BOOKING for a 20 minutes private webcam chat using Skype for only you and me.
This is how it works:
Before booking this private webcam session, send me a "Private Message" 24 hours before, so that we can find a date that works for both of us. Additionally you can tell me your wishes for this session... almost everything is possible :-)
After booking we both exchange our Skype accounts for the agreed upon webcam session. In order to clock the time during the session, I will start a stop watch.
Naturally I broadcast in HD and with audio.
CAUTION: Only after purchasing this item our Camdate will be setup. Book it at least 24 hours before, so that I can prepare for our Camdate.
Should you have to cancel our appointment, I will refund you the complete deposit as Credits or we find a new date. Appointments can be canceled up until 24 hours before them.

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