13:53 minwith sound
My submissive darling! Your cock has been locked in a chastity belt for quite a long time and you long so much for a cock release where you can jerk off really hard, am I right? This longing for an incredibly horny redeeming feeling of an intense orgasm is growing steadily in you and you can hardly wait for this to finally happen... Well you submissive slave sow will feel a lot of things through me today... just no orgasm! Because I, your sexy sadistic mistress, will make your chastity life so really horny hard for you.... In hot lingerie made of lace with suspenders and nylon stockings, classic pumps with straps and a touch of leather look I step in front of you and make you so extremely horny with my porous dirtytalk, which gives you a violent head cinema, seductive lolling movements of my female curves, a nipple-stimulating and a prostate-stimulating instruction, that you little submissive bitch will be grovelling with will-less horniness, begging me to let you unlock your cock again and release you from your chastity...
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